Questions to Ask Your Gay Wedding Photographer

gay wedding photographerChoosing a gay wedding photographer can be a very hectic task especially one for a very special day like a wedding. One has to find a good wedding photographer within his budget, who can also click with the energy of the celebrants and of course share their perfect day vision. I will advise before picking a photographer you conduct a wide variety of interviews. These interviews should be centered about knowing their shooting style, a general approach to editing and choice of equipment. Here are a couple of questions you should ask when picking a wedding photographer.


Questions like “how free are you on our date and how long would you be shooting” fall into this category. It’s also important to know how many weddings the gay wedding photographer shoots every weekend, whether he will need to travel and who covers the traveling bill. Some photographers also have different packages, some cover printing fliers while some don’t.


It is important to know how long the photographer has been shooting, what his inspiration is. The size of the wedding he enjoys shooting. Whether he will bring his lights or you have to rent. If he will be needing any assistance shooting or he will be shooting alone. The types of equipment that will be used during the ceremony and lastly if he shoots both colored and black and white.


Here’s the part you discuss finance with your wedding photographer. Many photographers offer discount packages for prints and other engagement sessions. Also knowing if the photographer offers engagement photos will be of great knowledge. Some wedding photographers offer a pay before service routine while some others offer flexible payments schedules. You will also like to know the turn duration for prints and fliers. So you can afford to control against rush hours and last minute hiccups. You should also know there back up plan just in case they are unavailable due to ill health or whatsoever.


Here’s the time to discuss questions that might come up before or during the wedding. Questions like recommendation for scheduling, how you plan on directing the guest for group photographs and how far in advance do you need the timeline and shot list. Also questions like if they will be capturing specific items on the wedding like rings and bouquet. Whether you’ll be needed to check in with you at the end of the night. And the type of meals they will like to be served, a special kind of food vendor if need be. You could be the type of couple that might like the photographer to be conscious of the shots they take during the ceremony, you should consider discussing that too.

In summary, creating a memorable experience takes more than finding a good wedding photographer. Connecting with the photographer and walking him through creating a memorable story will have you smiling whenever you have to relive the experience. Connect with gay wedding photographer Paul Grace if you would like a memorable experience.

Where to Find WordPress Support for Photographers

Wordpress support for photographersIf you’re a photographer who is having difficulties trying to manage their website, then look no further. It can be easy to find WordPress support for photographers, as long as you can figure out where to look. So, to make the search a bit easier and much faster, here are some helpful insights on WordPress support.

Websites can be hard to maintain, but these support systems each have a means of helping you out and ending your struggle. Each one has its own unique offer and individual ways of helping you. While one of these may be ideal for one photographer, the same WordPress support may not be ideal for another photographer of the same skill level. It is a matter of personal preference, not of which is better.

  • WordPress

WordPress will help you out for a (standard) monthly payment of $67, or a (premium) monthly payment of $97. Naturally the premium plan is the most popular, but not everyone can afford that near $100 a month. Some people have rent to pay or groceries to by, so we need a more accessible plan.

  • Photography Whizz

Photography Whizz starts their off at about $38 a month. A lot easier than the $67-$97, if price is a concern for you. Photography Whizz will guarantee to you:

Availability of the site creator to answer questions

Answering any technical questions about the site’s features

Assistance with any reported bugs and/or issues

Help with any included 3rd party’s assets

However, it will not guarantee customization services or installation services.

  • com (Official Site)

If you looked at the last WordPress option on WordPress support for photographers and cringed, you can relax now. This one offers a small $5 a month for a personal use webpage. They also have options that they say are best for entrepreneurs and freelancers (for $8 a month) and small business (at $25 a month).

This is one of the options that are easiest on the wallet and bank account. No matter which option you choose, you get free themes, no ads, more space, and other features.

  • MyPhotoCTO

MyPhotoCTO offers a 30 day guarantee, making it a little bit easier for the wary photographer to give it a try. They also have easy hassle free hosting plans for you to browse through, and choose one if you decide to work through them.

MyPhotoCTO is owned as well as operated by a former IT Director and a photographer who now runs one of the leading photography studios in Scotland, at his own successful studio, Alan Hutchison Photography.

It’s safe to say that the people here know what they’re doing, based on the owner. Considering his success, many other photographers who faithfully use his site agree that he has become as successful as he is through his hard work and persistence.

There are several features to his site, including fully detailed future planning guidelines. This site also has around the clock support services, through which you can speak to actual people at any time you need to.

For extra details on WordPress support for photographers, take a closer look at MyPhotoCTO.

Ways In Which The Cheshire Wedding Photographer Can Improve on Customer Service

Have you ever heard the phrase “customer is king”?

Cheshire wedding photographerIf you haven’t, well now you can say you know. In the business world, there is no entrepreneur, sole proprietor, partnership or company that is not aware of the fact that without customers, they wouldn’t even exist. Customers are the individuals that make or break a business.

If you mistreat your customers or ignore their needs, chances are you are play my with the survival of your company. Especially since we are in the digital age where a simple post from a customer online can easily go viral under an hour. An example is when a customer makes a complaint about the services you as a Cheshire Wedding photographer provided for her.

This customer makes a post on social media and possibly tags you. The customer can easily post a statement such as “the service I received from Cheshire Photography sucks”, tags your handle in the complaint and possibly other influential social media users. These handles without interacting with you or having patronizing need your business in the past can easily be swayed to believe the complaints of this customer. Before you know it, you are being made to do damage control.

Now, for a photographer, one thing you should never do is give a customer reason to complain about you. You are a service provider that survives on referrals from clients. A simple complaint by a client to a few friends in private or in public can damage your chances of gaining referrals. So, anytime you are interacting with one customer or a potential customer, always assume you are dealing with 100 people because behind every customer is a whole other network of people you can convert to your clients.

Therefore, as a photographer, one thing you should strive to do is to ensure the way you interact with your customers is beyond reproach. You can develop a customer interaction process that makes this process easy. A customer interaction process is basically a guideline that dictates the way you relate with your customers. It is not something overly complex. Some tips include:

Do Greetings

When a customer approaches you, what are you doing? Do you stand up to greet them so as to make them feel welcome?

Engage Them

The customer is here, do you leave it to them to start the conversation or you think about something that would make them feel at ease to start talking.

Listen and Acknowledge

The customer is meeting you for the first time. You do not want to overload them with information nor do you want the conversation to be boring. So, pay close attention to what they have to say then move on from there.

Initiate Resolution

The resolution in this case is you presenting the possible ways you can be of use to the wedding couple. Show them samples of work you’ve done before and ensure you sell your services.

Give Explanation

Also provide explanation on the type of wedding photography service you offer and the different packages that could satisfy the customer. Remember as a Cheshire Wedding Photographer like that of it is your job to make sure the client believes your services are all they need.

What Do You Get When You Hire a Wedding Photographer Dundee?

wedding photographer DundeeA memorable wedding photoshoot waits when you hire Wedding Photographer Dundee – Angus Forbes Photography. Why, you ask? That is because these are photographers that understand the importance of the wedding day to the couple. They also know that the wedding pictures might possibly be the only lasting memento of that special day and special attention and great skills are needed in ensuring the pictures are quality ones.

With keen eye for detail, updated equipment and timeless years of professional service, the wedding photographer will surely make your wedding keepsake awesome. You can count on this professional wedding photographer to provide you with the following in terms of:

  • Your requirements

Unique wedding photos according to your theme or motif. If you plan on using a certain theme or motif for your wedding then get you a wedding photographer that can deliver. Unique, classy and romantic shots should be his forte and one way of knowing this is by examining the images present on the site of the photographer.

The photographer should also be able to provide creative pre-wedding photoshoots. If you are the type who won’t settle with the ordinary and the traditional then wedding photographer Dundee should be your professional wedding photographer. They shoot in awesome detail, play with lighting, capture that natural mood and find the focal point. Everything is creatively done with you and your bride or groom as the center of attention.

  • Great tools and software

What other thing can you request from your photographer other than updated equipment, tools and software for the event. One of the reasons why most photographers have differing qualities in images is due to the gear and tools they make use of. Having the latest and the most complete tools, equipment and software for photo and video editing can go a long way in improving the final result the photographer gives to clients..

  • Flexibility

Some people think preparing the venue for your wedding photoshoot is important in the final results. With a professional wedding photographer, you won’t have to worry about preparing the wedding venue. You can rest assure that the venue can be walked around. Issues like lighting and effects have a work around. You will have peace of mind that you get the best results at the end of the day.

You may have thought of saving money and just hiring a cheap photo service or a relative or friend to take your wedding photos. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with these, you may have to think twice. You are saving money indeed but at the same time you are still putting your wedding photos to risk. There are a lot of unexpected things that could happen. From as simple as dying camera batteries to as complicated as poor lighting; you can’t afford anything simple or complicated to happen on your big day!

When you hire professional wedding photographers, you will be free from all the stress and worries of the big day. You can have fun, enjoy and just live the life on your very important day. But of course you need a reputable wedding photographer Dundee who will provide you with the best service.

Five Best Ideas for Newborn Photography Raleigh NC

newborn photography RaleighThose overload of cuteness little faces can melt anyone’s heart in an instant! There is really something genuinely special with those newborn babes, an angelic aura that needs to be captured and immortalized forever. There are endless ideas on the newborn photography Raleigh NC can produce, but a few made it to the top of the parent’s hearts.

Sibling’s photo

The adorable bundle of joy can have a timeless piece of photography art by being held by an older sibling in a photo shoot. The strong bond of the siblings can materialize in the photos, and the sweet acceptance of the firstborn child to the newborn baby is quite a heartwarming scene to freeze and capture as a gentle remembrance of the first time that the older sibling felt so much unbounded love for a little human.

Family photo

A beautiful family photo with both parents with loving eyes gaze at their most precious treasure is definitely a vision to seize and turn into a magnificent newborn photography Raleigh NC will be leaping with joy for. The sense of completeness will truly be captured, and the overflowing affection for the new addition to the family will be conveyed clearly in the photograph.

Mid yawn

Newborn babies are extremely charming, especially when they yawn. A passionate newborn photographer can expertly capture the mid yawn of the little angel and the result will surely leave throats constricted for the effort not to cry without knowing why. The most natural things that newborn babies do often have the power to turn down walls and open everyone’s heart.

In the palms

A newborn photography Raleigh NC professional photographer can create will never be complete without a photo with the newborn baby being held in the palms of a parent. Holding the innocent baby in the palms signifies utmost trust, that no matter what the world may bring, the parents will always be there to take care of their darling baby.

Open eyes

Newborn babes always sleep. It’s just what they love to do in the first weeks of their promising life on earth. To have a newborn photographer that can set the mood in the studio for newborn babies to feel so relax that they sleep soundly dreaming of unicorns and magical places is a blessing. When the newborn source of happiness wakes up, there will be twinkles in the little eyes and those priceless seconds of open blissful eyes needs to be captured and will be an heirloom to be passed to the next generations.

Last note

The best newborn photography Raleigh NC photographers have the skills to produce can be a perfect reminder of those exquisite first days that a newborn baby blossomed divinely in the care of the overwhelmed parents. Time flies so fast, and it is indeed essential to create lasting memories of the time that a newborn baby is completely welcomed to the world, and whose arrival has created a whole new space in the hearts of parents and siblings for love. Sally Salerno Photography can make those genuinely precious newborn moments last for many lifetimes.

A Professional Derby Wedding Photographer Have These Characteristics

Derby wedding photographerPreparing a wedding party is one of the biggest things in life and many of us don’t have the experience! In fact, it’s an important occasion, but we were not exactly taught how to find wedding vendors or how to decide who is the best person for the job. And that must mean you are not sure how to hire a good professional Derby wedding photographer.

And here are the characteristics of a professional wedding photographer.


First of all, your wedding photographer must have the experience of getting involved directly in wedding photography. This also means that the photographer has portfolios to prove it, so you can easily check the truth. Note that many photographers were originally photographers in a different genre. Others found themselves becoming a photographer without any formal education.

Which makes the experience an important factor because it teaches better than formal education and would mean he knows what he’s doing. You won’t just be hiring someone based on what he says but also what he’s shown.


Experience and portfolios go hand in hand. A professional Derby wedding photographer like Aaron Russell would have enough portfolios to show his capability. Oftentimes, they can show their clients pictures taken from the same venue or weddings with the same theme. This helps clients imagine what their wedding is going to look like and the tendency to hire them instead.

Portfolios are great ways to see if you like the style of the photographer, but it’s not everything. Photographers usually show only their best works without showing the flaws. But what happens, in reality, is that there are always flaws in everything and you might not like it if you only found out later. So, best to ask your photographer to bring more works to show you for a less biased opinion.

Friendliness and eagerness

From so many photographers we have met and worked with, we knew that these two qualities are important. They go together and no good photographer won’t have these in them. For example, we still remember how a professional Derby wedding photographer named Aaron Russell made a really good first impression with us.

He was also eager to help people and clients. It made the discussion with his clients much enjoyable and people loved how they were helped with it. They tend to talk more about how they can help and do not try to offer clients the most expensive package. In fact, they even want to help clients by customizing the packages if necessary.


Some good photographers are featured by wedding venues. This is because the venue owner trusts in the professionalism of the photographer and also had seen well-captured pictures by the photographer. The photographer is also usually strategically positioned not far from the venue. If you happen to rent the same venue, you don’t have to worry about looking for the right photographer as well!


A photographer with no insurance tells a lot about his personality and take on his own job. Someone who cares about his job will want to get an insurance especially when photography is one with a big investment! There are also minor benefits you get from it, so it will not hurt your Derby wedding photographer at all to be insured.

SEO for Photographers: Keeping Your Site Alive

SEOA lot of photographers complain about how hard it is to take care of a site. We know. We understand. It’s a really big question of how a photographer who is supposed to be only good with pictures and editing them are now demanded to be good at owning and managing a site. You cannot do everything yourself, especially with getting knowledge on how to master SEO for photographers.

So, your next solution is to get a third-party help. You let someone who is good with this does his job and you are off with doing what you are good at. But even so, you cannot let only that person manage it because content-wise, you are still the person who has to update it. That person can only help you optimize, update and observe the site’s health from time to time.

But, fear not, for we will help you get ideas on how to do that. Before that, let us tell you why you need to keep your site ‘alive’ and what updating means.


The world is changing every second. New posts, new articles, news are constantly updated on the net. The border is limitless and it is so easy for anyone to find anyone, anything, wherever they are. That means it’s so much easier to find an index of a wedding photographer. It is also easy for them to type the kind of photographer they need.

When the search engine shows results, it makes use of many factors to consider which one should rank higher. Activity is a factor they consider a lot since information has to be updated all the time. It’s also a way to tell the engine that it’s a site that is still active and used.

If you want to know more about this SEO for photographers, you can check out PhotoProSEO. This site has everything you need to know about SEO as well as a free SEO audit of your site.

How to remain updated?

There are many things you can upload to make sure that your site is alive. Many of you must be thinking about uploading the latest pictures you got and edited. That is one way to do it, but there is a better way to use your new pictures. Instead of just lumping them into the gallery, you can upload on your blog post on your latest work.

For example, a wedding photographer can upload his work on the latest wedding photography. He can talk about the place, the couple and then use the keywords that he usually ranks the highest with. Keep your readers updated with what you are doing. It will also let potential clients see that you are still a professional seeing those recent pictures.

Another way to do it is to go through an overhaul while maintaining the content on the design and layout of the site. This makes your site looks fresh and new as there are clients who like to make constant visits to multiple sites before deciding on emailing or meeting up with the photographer.

There are more about SEO for photographers you need to know, but for this week, can you think of something new you can add to your blog?

Choose Your Newborn Photographer Carefully

newborn photographerEvery parent wants the best for their baby, but one way that it can go wrong is when you choose the wrong newborn photographer. It’s probably the first notable experience in your life as a mother as you book a session of newborn photography for your baby. But what happens when you didn’t take enough time and consideration before signing the contract?

Dangerous acts

A photographer is responsible for taking pictures and many of them do this by using props and placing the baby in various places. Some like the idea of a baby in a bucket or mug. Others love using hanging bags and layers of blankets. Whichever it is, you might have your own opinions and preferences. Then, you choose your photographer based on that.

You will only want to find the photographer who can do that well and has a good eye as a photographer. But you also need to make sure that they know the safety measures in doing newborn photography!


For examples, there are many positions that your baby shouldn’t be placed for long in. You cannot let the baby lay on his stomach and then use his hands to bend upwards in a daydreaming position like an adult. The bones of the baby are not strong enough to hold his own head and that is also why you will see them sleeping most of the time.

Whatever your photographer wants to do, make sure that it’s done from a place where you can directly observe him from. Make sure to discuss it with your newborn photographer in a meeting before your delivery as well. A studio that we know is very responsible about this is Kingshill Studios. We highly suggest that you pay them a visit and consult about safe newborn photography session.


Like the studio that we mentioned before, if your photographer is experienced, he must have enough portfolios to prove that fact. His portfolios must contain pictures that he took himself and if you want to, you can ask how did the photographer take those pictures. You ask about hanging bags and pictures that have the baby put inside a container of sorts (in sleeping position!).

Most photographers will stack a thick layer of blankets on the surface where the baby is laid. The blankets have been warmed up before or has warm rice socks slipped in between. Whichever it is, they are intended to keep the blankets warm, so the baby won’t be surprised when placed on it. Some photographers add a portable heater in the room to keep it nice and cozy.


Some photographers provide a preview of how they usually work. Others may even ask you to come and see how she usually takes newborn pictures in an actual session. You can come to see the session for a while and leave afterward. This way, you can decide and see if you will like the newborn photographer’s working methodology as well as the safety of it.

The key here is to take your time in making your decision. We’d suggest starting right when you enter your 5th month of pregnancy.

Wedding Photography: 5 Things You Should and Should Not Do

wedding photography LeicesterWe all want to do our best for our wedding photography Leicester because wedding pictures are just so important. However, we have seen a lot of clients misinformed on what they can and should do for their wedding photographers. Many of those things have nothing to do with helping your wedding photographer and in the end, you could have done better without it!

That is why we come up with the top 2 things you should not do and then 3 actual things you should do!

1. Don’t tell them what to do

It sounds ridiculous that a client would tell a wedding photographer what they should do. However, in reality, you might have been informed that you should do that! How?

Many sites recommend people to create a long list of things their photographers should keep. This list will help direct the photographer towards the things they should take pictures of. The purpose is to avoid missing important moments because you can’t go back in time and during the party, it can be pretty hectic to try to remember each and every picture you want to shoot.

It will hinder the photographer a lot, so don’t do this. We highly advise that you avoid trying to help the photographer this way!

2. Don’t try to know everything

It is in the clients’ right to know how the photographer works to ensure that it does not endanger anyone. You can’t let a wedding photographer who actually has a very peculiar method of working unless you have confirmed it won’t embarrass anyone. However, will it do you good to know, say, the complete list of equipment used in wedding photography Leicester by a professional from

We highly doubt it. One needs a lot of experience and knowledge of how the equipment work and why would anyone even need them. One thing it’s going to do is to help the organizer arrange a place for the photographer to place his equipment.

3. Cooperate

You as the couple and the photographer must cooperate and ensure that you are giving them all the information they need. From itinerary to your personal preferences, there are many things you can do to help your photographer. They need that information to take pictures that you will really love.

Cooperating also means that you listen to your photographer’s advice and consider them in preparing your wedding. Some experienced photographers are able to give input that really helps enhance the wedding experience!

4. Understand photographer’s limitations

It’s true that we want our photographer to do his best, but it is not the same as making them do everything you want. There is so much one photographer can do for you, so it’s better to ask and makes sure of things before commencing. Ask if the photographer won’t be able to do it alone, will it be better to get an assistant or a second shooter for the job?

5. Enjoy the party!

The last thing you can do is to care less about how your photographer is doing and care more about yourself. Your photographer is trying to take the best pictures of your day and that’s only possible if you are feeling your best!

These are 5 things a client can do for their wedding photography Leicester.

How to Care a Newborn in a Photography Session

newborn baby photographyAs you take up jobs on newborn baby photography, you have to be extremely careful with how you handle them. Babies that are just born are extremely sensitive and you cannot make mistakes with them. The parents also expect you to handle them with utmost care. Even if you have done several jobs on newborn baby sessions, it’s always worth your time to read this.

Comfortable room

Make sure that the set is comfortable for the baby. Think of the baby’s condition throughout the session. Will the baby be naked a lot? If that’s how it is, be sure to keep the room warm before they arrive. You should set the temperature higher 15 minutes before the parents arrive or use a portable heater to keep the area around the baby warm.

The room should also be cleaned thoroughly before the baby arrives. You want to keep the baby comfortable and parents can be extremely as they observe the room during the session. Some ways to show that you care about them personally is by doing these extra things.

Clean blankets

Don’t forget to bring the blankets that you will use to laundry. You may not be able to laundry them every day, but make sure to do it frequently. If the blanket was dirtied on a previous session, do not use it again until it is washed thoroughly. The baby may develop an allergic reaction and your client will not be happy to see it.

Any professional provider of newborn baby photography service like will make sure that simple things like these are done. Photographers use a lot of blankets in various colors, so making sure that each of them is clean for use is important. You can even stack up blankets of similar colors for use while others are being cleaned.

Pose them with cares

The next thing to do is to make sure that you use poses that are safe for the babies. There are some that need support from adults, such as having your assistant hold up the head of the baby that looks like he’s daydreaming. If you don’t, you could be breaking some of the small bones and causing serious injuries to the baby.

Don’t force the baby into a certain position as well. Most are okay with positions that have them curled up as they are still adjusting to their new environment. But you can never know whether the baby can still flexibly curl or are already stretching their limbs. That is why need to prepare as many ideas as possible so you can move on from one to another when it doesn’t work.

Ask for parents’ consent

When you are about to use a prop, which may compromise the baby’s safety, ask the parents if you may use it. Explain how the prop will be used and if possible, show past works on newborn baby photography that involve the use of that prop. You want them to complete trust you on it and not show concerns or even retaliation when something happens. Remember that you should not try a new prop that you are not used to with a newborn baby unless it is completely safe.

Here’s Why You’re Not Yet a Professional

York wedding photographerPeople are not looking at your site. Visitors are not increasing and spam emails fill your inbox. When will you ever get more promising clients to the point that you can reject them because you’re just too wanted?

This seems too common for a York wedding photographer. Everything that was mentioned happened to professional photographers and you are probably asking why you are not.


A professional photographer is not far from being a good businessman. You need a good, wide network of people, be it photographers or businessmen. These are people that will help you spread your name around and help when you’re in a pinch. When you need a replacement for your clients because you’ve broken a leg, you need to have a couple of trusted photographers that can cover you up.

Businessmen are people that will spread your name when they use your service. Just by posting their wedding pictures by crediting your name will easily increase your exposure to a new market.

What you can improve

Some photographers don’t realize how they can improve. The first thing you need to do now is to figure out if there’s a side of your photography skills or if there’s a part of you as a photographer that could be improved. It doesn’t take long to think of it if you just take the time to ask the opinions of your past clients.

Mostly, though, you can always improve in how you communicate. Clients can always like photographers who are good to chill with. For example, a photographer that offers help all the time or that photographer who always go extra for them. Is there anything else you could’ve done more for your clients? Simple things like arriving early and giving them advice on how they should pose is a good start.

You can learn from a York wedding photographer who owns the site This photographer always manages to build a good rapport with her clients.

Stop discounting

Remember that you need to be set a price that looks like a professional. And as for how it sounds like, you need to really set a price that doesn’t show you’re a cheap photographer. Don’t sell yourself short if you know that your skills are worth as much as professionals.

However, remember that with that price, you must provide satisfying quality as well. If you’re dedicated to delivering more, people will absolutely pay more. This means you don’t compromise quality, invest more time in each client and prepare even more thoroughly for each job.

If your client appears to be tight in budget, don’t dismiss them, but think of ways for them to still hire you. Within their budget, can you design a wedding photography package that will fit their size? Always emphasize on quality and how you can provide them with wedding pictures that will not disappoint.

You haven’t started yet!

We know too many people who procrastinate themselves from taking the first step to becoming a professional. It’s because of the change that they are worried they won’t be able to take it. Yet, staying where you are won’t get you anywhere and it’s about time to realize where you went wrong as a York wedding photographer.

Baby Photography: When Unexpected Things Happen

baby photographyThe common perception that parents have when babies are handed out cakes is that they will smile, laugh and even try to eat it.

Another common perception of a baby photography session is that they will see their baby smiling and happy throughout the session. Well, this is, let me put it plainly, unrealistic.

The baby will (probably) smile

This is a common perception, but in reality, each baby has a different take on different things. They are different individuals, after all, born with innate thinking and personalities that are brought down by parents and affected by their environment. Even the short upbringing they had up till the baby photography session has something to do with it.

With their different personalities, they may react the way you expected them to smile and laugh at the little things they see. They might feel curious and tries to touch the props that are handed to them, playing with (and eat the birthday cake if that’s the session!) whatever they’re holding.

Other babies just decided to go quiet and look confused at the people around her. What’s mom and dad doing with that stranger with a huge thing in front of his head?

Your baby could be a shy li’l creature and doesn’t want to look crazy in front of someone he’s never seen before. This could be prevented if your baby has known the photographer from way before, which would take time. However, even that cute, confused reaction, is something that can happen on your photography session and is worth capturing.

Others choose to cry on their baby photography session, for who knows why. A photographer from mentioned that this happens sometimes and it’ll take a while to calm the baby down. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy to be captured! Every smile and tears from the baby are always worth remembering.

Accidents can happen!

The baby is already in his outfit, sitting on the set while the photographer is already in position, taking the pictures. Suddenly, the photographer smells something awful and figure that the baby had decided to take a dump right then and there.

Well, it’s only a matter of seconds before the baby is seen crying and wet in tears (and poop).

These things can happen and they may come out as the unplanned parts of the session. You’d think they’re not worth capturing, however, that’s not true. The purpose of having a photography session for your little one is to capture him in all his cuteness and expressions. Even that impromptu crying face is worth it.

Unplanned happenings in a photography session are always worth capturing. Babies are always full of surprises and they may do things that we didn’t expect them to. They see things differently and are still so plain and innocent in their way of thinking. That is why we cannot always expect them to always smile at what we think to be cute and entertaining.

A baby photography session rarely goes according to the ideal expectations of parents. However, that doesn’t mean those unexpected things ruin it; they simply bring more spices into your pictures collection!

The 4 Most Difficult Things About Being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Cheshire wedding photographerThere are a lot of benefits to gain from being a Cheshire wedding photographer. From only getting to work mostly during weekends, watching couples live their happily ever after to getting paid to do something you love. But, just like with most professions, with the benefits come the cons.

Wedding photography is not all roses and peaches. It can be a difficult job and definitely not everyone is suited to it. Therefore, for this post, we are going to list out 4 of the most difficult things associated with being a wedding photographer. If you find something that you have a peeve for, then maybe it is time to reconsider this career path.

The Beginning

The road to being a Cheshire wedding photographer like is not easy. You are definitely going to find yourself faced with a couple of challenges. First challenge is the need of experience. To shoot weddings, you need to have experience, but, ironically, you cannot get that experience unless you are hired.

One thing you can do about it is to act as a second shooter for an already established photographer. If you also have luck, maybe you can get your friend to trust you with covering his or her wedding. Either method gives you the opportunity to gradually build a portfolio you can be proud of. But, it still requires perseverance and hard work on your part.


The second thing you have to conquer when starting out in wedding photography is the issue of capital. Wedding photography requires a lot of equipment, from a good primary camera, a backup camera, flash, lenses, battery hard drives etc. It calls for a lot of money to get all the gear you need to do justice to the couple’s wedding photographs.

Now, if you think about it, setting up the business already requires a lot of cash. Would running it also be the same? One thing you can do before fully starting is to rent some of the gear you will need. This is a good way to save cost but if you are really serious about making it in the business, you have to consider investing in your own tools.


The business of wedding photography requires a lot of energy and brain power. There are a lot of aspects to it and it can get really difficult as pressure constantly mounts. Not only are you an owner of your business, you are also the employee, secretary, marketer, accountant, customer care and pretty much every other thing you can think about.

You have to take up the responsibility of being the jack of all trade.. In the hopes of expansion, you may get other people to cover these aspects for you but at the end of the day, you are still the primary decision maker.


With the various facets of wedding photography, be ready to take up loads of work apart from being the Cheshire wedding photographer. However, you have to be careful to not let weddings take over your life. You need to find a balance between you work life and your personal life. It is not rare to find photographers who take their work home with them thereby giving themselves little to no room to rest.

“Alternatives” To a Costly Wedding Photographer: Reasons They Won’t Work

wedding photographer HertfordshireMaybe your niece or uncle is happily volunteering to become your wedding photographer. That sounds neat: they seem to be good photographers and you don’t have to spend as much. You’ll still get pictures like how a wedding photographer Hertfordshire would’ve taken.

Or maybe you thought about getting only wedding videos because they’d be better. Well, it’s time to fix that way of thinking now.

Photography is unique

Pictures aren’t better or worse compare to everything else. All kind of documentary; videos, music, and pictures are unique in their own sense. There’s a reason why we listen to music, not the MVs of our favorite tunes. There’s also a reason why we’d pay for a comfortable seat to watch movies but can get the digital posters quite freely on the internet.

They worth differently, depending on how you look at them. Just like that, you cannot lump wedding pictures being the same or worse than having the video of your wedding day. You can’t print our videos, but you can print out pictures. You can hold them, touch the pictures and frame it in your living room.

You obviously cannot frame your TV and have it play your wedding video 24/7. It’s possible, but well, you know what I mean. It can be said that both are different in a sense and for some, pictures worth even more than videos because you can flip on your album and look at those perfectly taken pictures for a really long time.

The job isn’t easy

The job of taking pictures isn’t as simple as having a good DSLR camera. If you look at the pictures that a wedding photographer Hertfordshire from works on, you’ll notice the difference.

First of all, the eye of a photographer in a wedding is different and needs to be trained. It can be either by experience, on the job training, or formal education. Experience is the best teacher there is. Being in the field long enough helps them to capture things quickly and anticipate what will happen.

There’s also post-production process that takes weeks and even months to finish. These pictures are going to be something that you’ll treasure for decades, so you want them to look as good as possible. The tools, software and computer/laptop that the photographer works on isn’t cheap either.

If you had someone ‘volunteered’, you know from the first place that you can’t ask too much. You’ll have to deal with whatever is shoved to you. Whether that’s a bunch of pictures that aren’t edited at all or some with pretty cheesy and basic editing.

You can’t have regrets

With this special day that will mark the beginning of a whole new life, you can’t afford to make mistakes. That includes missing your chance to take some memorable wedding pictures with your significant one. When the party ends and everyone else leaves, only your pictures will remain.

With that said, it’s important to really consider your choices regarding your wedding photographer Hertfordshire. You’ve got one shot to do this and it’s best to be choices that you know you will never regret.

Top 5 Photographer Mistakes to Avoid

wedding photographer AdelaideLearning from hundreds of other professionals, we’ll show you the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid as a wedding photographer Adelaide. Sometimes we do but sometimes we don’t realize the mistakes we’ve been doing with our clients.

Knowing these can definitely improve ourselves and maybe change a lot of our photography career!

Wearing casual

To whatever wedding you’re attending, please, don’t wear jeans and sports shoes to attend it! Unless the theme of the party requires you to wear otherwise, always have a good, presentable formal suit or dress to wear to the party.

You don’t want to come and embarrass your client by appearing inappropriate either. Just because it’s comfortable for you, doesn’t mean it is to others. Even if comfort is an important factor in being able to concentrate on your work, respecting the occasion you’re attending is also important.

Doing everything you can to get a shot

Why is this a mistake? Heck, clients expect me to climb the chandelier if that’s necessary to get that one gorgeous shot. Doing everything we can is a must.

Or is it? Does your client expect you to climb the chandelier or whatever is there to get that shot? Sure, they’ve paid a lot, but they also expect you to be professional enough to understand this. There’s no way they want you to act ridiculous trying to get great shots. Restrain yourself and know when too much is just too much.

Check out and know that all these pictures were taken by this wedding photographer Adelaide without sacrificing manners.

Not bringing extras

You never know when your battery, memory card or even camera will fail you. Errors happen at times we never expect them to and when they do, we are often bewildered, confused and simply don’t have the time to fumble around with it. The show goes on and we have to be ready on our toes at all time.

Making sure your camera is charged and empty before the party starts is important. But you also shouldn’t let down your guard and regularly check your backups if they are ready to be used when needed.

Not arriving early

No matter what time you promised to your client, it’s important to arrive early to the location. The thing is, you never know if your clients decided to make last minute changes for whatever reasons. Sometimes it couldn’t be helped, others simply have a change a heart.

Arriving early can give you time to restructure your plan. You still have time to discuss things with your client and work on things. On the other hand, if there are no problems, you can enjoy your free time to take shots of the venue beforehand. You can also spend some time to get acquainted with the family and close friends.

Not improving

Yes, that’s right. Not improving is surprisingly one of the biggest mistake photographers do. It seems that constantly receiving positive feedback makes them think that it’s enough. People will still love them for the next one or two decade to come.

Obviously, being a wedding photographer Adelaide means you’re faced with hundreds of other competitors. The best way to win from them is to become a different, trendsetter in the business.