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Questions to Ask Your Gay Wedding Photographer

gay wedding photographerChoosing a gay wedding photographer can be a very hectic task especially one for a very special day like a wedding. One has to find a good wedding photographer within his budget, who can also click with the energy of the celebrants and of course share their perfect day vision. I will advise before picking a photographer you conduct a wide variety of interviews. These interviews should be centered about knowing their shooting style, a general approach to editing and choice of equipment. Here are a couple of questions you should ask when picking a wedding photographer.


Questions like “how free are you on our date and how long would you be shooting” fall into this category. It’s also important to know how many weddings the gay wedding photographer shoots every weekend, whether he will need to travel and who covers the traveling bill. Some photographers also have different packages, some cover printing fliers while some don’t.


It is important to know how long the photographer has been shooting, what his inspiration is. The size of the wedding he enjoys shooting. Whether he will bring his lights or you have to rent. If he will be needing any assistance shooting or he will be shooting alone. The types of equipment that will be used during the ceremony and lastly if he shoots both colored and black and white.


Here’s the part you discuss finance with your wedding photographer. Many photographers offer discount packages for prints and other engagement sessions. Also knowing if the photographer offers engagement photos will be of great knowledge. Some wedding photographers offer a pay before service routine while some others offer flexible payments schedules. You will also like to know the turn duration for prints and fliers. So you can afford to control against rush hours and last minute hiccups. You should also know there back up plan just in case they are unavailable due to ill health or whatsoever.


Here’s the time to discuss questions that might come up before or during the wedding. Questions like recommendation for scheduling, how you plan on directing the guest for group photographs and how far in advance do you need the timeline and shot list. Also questions like if they will be capturing specific items on the wedding like rings and bouquet. Whether you’ll be needed to check in with you at the end of the night. And the type of meals they will like to be served, a special kind of food vendor if need be. You could be the type of couple that might like the photographer to be conscious of the shots they take during the ceremony, you should consider discussing that too.

In summary, creating a memorable experience takes more than finding a good wedding photographer. Connecting with the photographer and walking him through creating a memorable story will have you smiling whenever you have to relive the experience. Connect with gay wedding photographer Paul Grace if you would like a memorable experience.