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Where to Find WordPress Support for Photographers

Wordpress support for photographersIf you’re a photographer who is having difficulties trying to manage their website, then look no further. It can be easy to find WordPress support for photographers, as long as you can figure out where to look. So, to make the search a bit easier and much faster, here are some helpful insights on WordPress support.

Websites can be hard to maintain, but these support systems each have a means of helping you out and ending your struggle. Each one has its own unique offer and individual ways of helping you. While one of these may be ideal for one photographer, the same WordPress support may not be ideal for another photographer of the same skill level. It is a matter of personal preference, not of which is better.

  • WordPress

WordPress will help you out for a (standard) monthly payment of $67, or a (premium) monthly payment of $97. Naturally the premium plan is the most popular, but not everyone can afford that near $100 a month. Some people have rent to pay or groceries to by, so we need a more accessible plan.

  • Photography Whizz

Photography Whizz starts their off at about $38 a month. A lot easier than the $67-$97, if price is a concern for you. Photography Whizz will guarantee to you:

Availability of the site creator to answer questions

Answering any technical questions about the site’s features

Assistance with any reported bugs and/or issues

Help with any included 3rd party’s assets

However, it will not guarantee customization services or installation services.

  • com (Official Site)

If you looked at the last WordPress option on WordPress support for photographers and cringed, you can relax now. This one offers a small $5 a month for a personal use webpage. They also have options that they say are best for entrepreneurs and freelancers (for $8 a month) and small business (at $25 a month).

This is one of the options that are easiest on the wallet and bank account. No matter which option you choose, you get free themes, no ads, more space, and other features.

  • MyPhotoCTO

MyPhotoCTO offers a 30 day guarantee, making it a little bit easier for the wary photographer to give it a try. They also have easy hassle free hosting plans for you to browse through, and choose one if you decide to work through them.

MyPhotoCTO is owned as well as operated by a former IT Director and a photographer who now runs one of the leading photography studios in Scotland, at his own successful studio, Alan Hutchison Photography.

It’s safe to say that the people here know what they’re doing, based on the owner. Considering his success, many other photographers who faithfully use his site agree that he has become as successful as he is through his hard work and persistence.

There are several features to his site, including fully detailed future planning guidelines. This site also has around the clock support services, through which you can speak to actual people at any time you need to.

For extra details on WordPress support for photographers, take a closer look at MyPhotoCTO.

SEO for Photographers: Keeping Your Site Alive

SEOA lot of photographers complain about how hard it is to take care of a site. We know. We understand. It’s a really big question of how a photographer who is supposed to be only good with pictures and editing them are now demanded to be good at owning and managing a site. You cannot do everything yourself, especially with getting knowledge on how to master SEO for photographers.

So, your next solution is to get a third-party help. You let someone who is good with this does his job and you are off with doing what you are good at. But even so, you cannot let only that person manage it because content-wise, you are still the person who has to update it. That person can only help you optimize, update and observe the site’s health from time to time.

But, fear not, for we will help you get ideas on how to do that. Before that, let us tell you why you need to keep your site ‘alive’ and what updating means.


The world is changing every second. New posts, new articles, news are constantly updated on the net. The border is limitless and it is so easy for anyone to find anyone, anything, wherever they are. That means it’s so much easier to find an index of a wedding photographer. It is also easy for them to type the kind of photographer they need.

When the search engine shows results, it makes use of many factors to consider which one should rank higher. Activity is a factor they consider a lot since information has to be updated all the time. It’s also a way to tell the engine that it’s a site that is still active and used.

If you want to know more about this SEO for photographers, you can check out PhotoProSEO. This site has everything you need to know about SEO as well as a free SEO audit of your site.

How to remain updated?

There are many things you can upload to make sure that your site is alive. Many of you must be thinking about uploading the latest pictures you got and edited. That is one way to do it, but there is a better way to use your new pictures. Instead of just lumping them into the gallery, you can upload on your blog post on your latest work.

For example, a wedding photographer can upload his work on the latest wedding photography. He can talk about the place, the couple and then use the keywords that he usually ranks the highest with. Keep your readers updated with what you are doing. It will also let potential clients see that you are still a professional seeing those recent pictures.

Another way to do it is to go through an overhaul while maintaining the content on the design and layout of the site. This makes your site looks fresh and new as there are clients who like to make constant visits to multiple sites before deciding on emailing or meeting up with the photographer.

There are more about SEO for photographers you need to know, but for this week, can you think of something new you can add to your blog?

WordPress 101: Photography-friendly Theme

websites for photographersIt is not debatable that today’s businesses require everybody from every field to go online. Whether you like it or not, people will search for you online, because that is just easier than looking for the person. All websites for photographers are not excluded, especially with the better technology the giant techs have come up with in screens for mobile phones.

Some of you might have a wordpress site for you to post your shots and portfolios, either for hobby or for business. Among the excitement of making your site, selecting theme must be one of them. And you wonder if your visitors will like them?

Here are some things and reasons to consider when you choose your theme.


Making websites for photographers to be user-friendly is beyond just flipping through pictures comfortably. Friendliness should spread everywhere, wherever and however it is opened. It also means the theme should be fully responsive.

Multiple platforms

Your current theme is operating well and showing everything you need on the browser you are using, but what about when it is opened through IE? Or Mozilla? Or safari?  Search for themes that continuously update themselves on the same level as the browsers.

This also includes opening the page on different devices. It may look nice on computer, but barely can be seen on mobile because it cannot optimize itself. Google especially, hates this. It will throw down your ranking and even if anyone opens it, they will find your site a pain in the ass to go around. You can check if your page is mobile-friendly from a tool that Google provides.

Multilingual availability

Especially websites for photographers that operate in international scale or in states or countries where more than one language is commonly used, this is a friendly way to approach more people in words they understand. This is easy to do with the right plugins that are supported by the theme.

Simple, but professional

You’ve heard people saying simple is the best. Many misunderstood this concept into making their sites, look cheap and just shove all the pictures in one corner, packages on the other and splash the page with a random solid color. Simple is not the same with doing it half-heartedly.

Simple means making it easy to be understood. Can your client differentiate your site? Can he or she recognize it as a photography site? Simple is about giving your clients ease of access to your pages, offers, contact information, etc. Websites for photographers are especially filled with pictures, so simplicity is even more necessary.

Different, aside from pictures

When you are looking for themes that are meant for business that operates in art, you need creativity. If not for coding, you would not be buying themes that are potentially used by thousands other photographers. A good theme will not make the buyers stuck in the same theme, font and style. Providing options for different fonts, color and banner should also be part of it. The more customization you can use to make the site ‘your own’, the better.

Getting help

Android OS updates, browsers too, and so should themes. Free or not, your theme should always have support team ready at your service. If the developers still care about their product, they will want to answer your questions and solve your problems to further update their products. If they don’t, you will have a hard time yourself getting around your own site, even more so your clients.

Tips When Posing For A Portrait Photo Shoot


portrait photographyIf you want to look really gorgeous in your portrait photography session, then you need to start learning the art of visibly relaxing. Looking tense will not do you any good and this can really put a damper on what you are trying to pull off in the photos. An uncomfortable looking subject will never be photographed beautifully and this is why you should really take it upon yourself to relax and to breathe a little. If you have any fears or anxieties or anything like that in the portrait photography shoot that you are about to pose for, then talk to him about it.

Openly communicating with your photographer can really help answer your questions and it can really make a difference in the photos that are being taken of you at the end of the day. Play some soothing background music in the background so that this can get you in the right mood and so that you will really be able to tap into your inner self. Feeling beautiful and confident requires you to be fully relaxed and refreshed for the day that you have up ahead. Take a day off the day before the shoot so that you can kick back and relax at home or even visit a spa if you have some extra cash to spare.

Pick a location you feel at home in.

You can pick just about any location that you feel the most at home or the most comfortable in. the only caveat here is that you need to know right out that the photography studio is still the best location because it has all of the lighting equipment and photography gear in the photographer’s arsenal. What this technically means is that you have everything that you could possibly need when it comes to things like this. However, if you feel intimidated being in the environment of a professional photography studio, then you really don’t have to force yourself into it. You can set the portrait photography shoot up at home or at work or even in a public park or hotel room if that is the kind of thing that you would prefer the most. It all depends on you since you are the client and since you get to call the shots about the location of your shoot.

Strong emotions.

Understand what particular emotions or vibes you would like to convey in your photos so that you can work on projecting that to the camera. An emotionless photo is something that is put to waste and not the type of thing that you would want to have when you are posing for portrait photography.

Body positioning.

Find all of the right angles for your body. Make sure that you figure out a way to make your silhouettes come out looking slim and streamlined. Ask your photographer for some tips about this as well. This can really bring your portrait photos to a whole new different level so learn as much as you can about it.

Tips for Portrait Photography in Aberdeen Sessions

portrait photographer AberdeenThere are two emotions that establish themselves when booking a portrait photography in Aberdeen session, they are excitement and nerves. The thing about portrait photography is that you always want to come out with picture prints that bear a semblance to the fantastic set of pictures that can be found on One thing that can definitely get in the way of achieving the type of results that warranted you spending a whole lot of money is your level of comfort in front of the camera. The following are helpful tips on how to help you get the best out of a portrait photography in Aberdeen session:

Always make preparations

Your level of preparedness also has a part to play on determining how smooth the photo shoot is. If possible, try to get to the studio at least 30 minutes or an hour ahead of the appointment as it gives you adequate time to get yourself ready. Most people find that they feel more comfortable when they use their own props, outfits or even music. It makes it easier for them to be natural in the poses. If you also prepare your mind set on what to expect from a photography session, it makes the process of accepting new things easier.

The wardrobe also has a part to play

The type of clothes you wear for portrait photography in Aberdeen also has a part to play in the final outcome of the photographs. Well-fitting clothes that reflect your personality and also carry the essence of the portrait should be worn. You can always go to the studio with a wide range of options of clothing attires because sometimes the look imagined in your head may not be that great on camera. Having options prevents you from being stuck with a look you would prefer changing.

Hair and Makeup

There are photography studios that offer the services of professional makeup artists and hair stylists to their clients. You can also choose to do most of the work on your face at home and just let the professional photographer do the touch up on your looks. Even if you are not a fan of makeup, having the little white powder and hairbrush should not be a problem and you should also endeavour to take them with you when headed to the studio. Also remember that too much sun before a photo shoot is not advised as you may end up looking like a ripe tomato on camera.

Babies and Children

When having a portrait photography session featuring young children or babies, it is advised that drinks, snacks and toys be brought to the studio. This way tantrums and cries that can disrupt the process of the shoot can be easily avoided. The presence of these things can also indicate fun for the young one. But when possible, it would be better for the shoot to be arranged around the time when the child will not be hungry or tired as then they are easier to handle.

Basic Tips For Every Photographer In and Around Kent

Start off with basic gear.

photographers in and around KentAs a photographer in Kent, you should always start off with the basic gear that you need. Without the right amount of gear, you might as well be as good as the next amateur photographer out there, no matter how skilled you may claim to be. This is mainly because of the fact that the equipment that you have tends to have a lot of influence over the final products or the final photos that you end up producing in the long run. This is something that you should try to go ahead and prioritize as much as possible. There is a pretty good chance that you already have your basic camera, having photography as a hobby for quite a while now but you need to take a look at a few more things.

You need to make sure that the camera that you have is far more upgraded and is far more advanced compared to the normal point and shoot camera. It needs to have dual card slots. It needs to be capable enough for you to shoot photos in RAW format. You also need a few basic lenses such as the telephoto and wide angle lenses as well as a bunch of memory cards and fully charged batteries.

Get more experience.

Get as much experience as you possibly can if you would like to gain commercial success as photographers in and around Kent. Without experience, potential clients might be quick when it comes to trying to brush you off to the side and consider another photographer as their next best option. In order for you to improve your chances of getting hired or of getting booked for jobs that you would like to go after, you need to have experience tucked under your belt. Make it a point to actively seek out opportunities for you to gain the kind of experience that you need. Apply for internships whenever you see one being broadcast online or in the photography schools’ bulletin boards. Don’t be picky with the small jobs that you get hired for in the beginning. You need to start somewhere one way or the other. You will eventually get there. Another easy and relatively free way for you to earn experience as a photographer would be for you to offer out your services to relatives and to friends of yours.

Work on your online presence as a photographer in and around Kent.

Your online presence should be something that people will be able to easily follow and look up whenever they have a need for services that more or less match up with what you have to offer out to your clients when it all comes down to it. Get on your blog and focus on writing up interesting and engaging content whenever you have something to write about. Keep your social media profiles and accounts updated and streaming with one high quality post after the other. If you can go ahead and promote your new blog entries via social media, then you can go ahead and do so the entire time that you are at it.

Things To Know As An Event Photographer

As an event photographer, you need to hit just the right balance and recipe in shooting the right amount of pictures.

event shooterYou can’t shoot too many of them but you can’t shoot too little either. You need to be able to produce and put up just the right amount of photos to keep your audience engaged and entertained while you are at it while at the same time, still be able to tell a story through the pictures that you are putting up when it all comes down to it. One way for you to check things out the right way would be for you to observe a rule of 30 images or so. 30 images would be enough for you to be able to tell a story with the photos that you managed to collate of the wedding.

Make it a point to save it for the important or iconic moments during the wedding.

You don’t have to flood what you are trying to produce with the photos that you take in order for you to successfully tell a story at the end of the day. At the same time, you can’t afford to produce too little because your clients might end up feeling as if they are not really getting the most out of their money or out of what they are paying you as their event photographer. Hitting the right recipe is difficult but it is something that you will eventually get the hang of. The trick there is for you to keep working at it. You will eventually get better at things while you are at it.

Move fast as an event photographer.

Don’t dilly dally too much because you might end up annoying the guests while you are at it. You need to be able to keep up with the flow of events while they are unfurling. This should be the main goal of each and every event photographer out there and this is what you should be aiming for as well at the end of the day. Always go out of your way to get things done the right way. You don’t have to carry all of the heaviest equipment around with you all of the time. As a matter of fact, you will be able to make do with the most minimal of gear or equipment for as long as you have a fairly good light game and angle game going on for you all throughout the time that you are getting the pictures taken.

Be fast on your feet and make it a point to go ahead and think on your feet as well while you are at it. Go for a comfortable pair of shoes the entire time that you are covering as the event photographer. You will be caught up in crazy looking positions as well and that’s alright. For as long as you are fit and fast enough to keep up, you should be able to keep up at the end of the day.

Work on a fast turnaround time.

Clients really appreciate an event shooter who can make good on his promised timeline.

Photography SEO 101

Analyze website

photography tipsIf you would like to strategize by making sure that photography SEO works for you and helps you out in the promotion of your website and eventually your business, then you should first and foremost work on being able to optimize your website. The first step is for you to analyse and point out which parts of the website you need to work on, of course. This basically all varies depending on the kind of skill level that you are currently in when it comes to photography SEO. It also varies depending on the kind of website that you basically have when it all comes down to it. Try to go ahead and see if you can find out as much as you can about it.

Look for tutorials

Look up some tutorials online or try to go ahead and check out some seminars, workshops, or classes that you will be able to attend that will teach you at least the basics about photography SEO and how you will be able to make it work for your career and for your specific website. If you find all of this extremely technical and if you think that photography SEO is something that is more or less putting you in a little way over your head, then there is no shame in outsourcing the task. You don’t have to do everything yourself, after all. The trick is for you to find the right person who knows how to code. This person will be able to help you out a lot when it comes to optimizing your website and that is something that will really get to play on the strengths of photography SEO. It won’t take up too much time when it all comes down to it and it won’t take too long either. There are a lot of websites out there that will allow you to source the tasks out on a project based basis to freelancers who will be more than happy to do it for you in exchange for a fairly reasonable or for a fairly competitive price or service fee when it all comes down to it.

Make use of Google Adwords for any photography SEO efforts that you may have or decide to work with one way or the other.

Although it may usually cost a little too much to advertise with Google Adwords when it all comes down to it, there are certain tools that don’t even cost anything and that is something that you can go ahead and use to your advantage to achieve any goals that you may have in photography SEO. The most common free use for Google Adwords is for you to use the tool that will allow you to find keywords that you will be able to use to go ahead and optimize your website. It will give you the most commonly entered keywords or phrases that you will be able to use for your website and that is something that can definitely help you out a lot.

Be At The Top Of Your Game As A Wedding Photographer

You will the expertise of others

wedding photographer There will be a lot of instances in your career as a wedding photographer wherein you will need the expertise of the other professionals from other fields or from other industries. If you would like your career to really take off one way or the other, then you need to know how to let loose of the reins a little when it all comes down to it. If you know that there is something that you are weak in, there really is no shame in admitting that. More than that, there really is no shame in outsourcing the tasks to the professionals.

These professionals will be able to get the job done the right way for you and none will be the wiser. Hire out your weaknesses, plain and simple. This is something that will really get to take a whole lot of load off of you in the process. Once you are able to hire out the right people for the specific tasks that you need to get done one way or the other, there is something that you will need to abide to.

Respect other professionals

Make sure that you really respect them enough by not short changing them in any way, shape or form, by not paying them an amount that is required out of their professional fees. Respect them enough by paying them what they are rightfully due as true professionals. This way, you don’t have to worry about whether or not they are doing their job right because when it all comes down to it, they will respect you enough not to abuse that as well. Respect is a two-way street, after all. That is one thing that you need to take note of all of the time as a wedding photographer.

Keep yourself sharp and focused all of the time as a wedding photographer.

If, by some chance, you will be able to get your hands on some down time or some free time or whenever you are in between clients and you don’t really have anything to do, then you should seriously try out shooting some personal projects on the side. It doesn’t necessarily need to have anything to do about you and about what you are trying to do professionally as wedding photographer dundee.

Anything goes and your side project can be pretty much anything and everything under the sun.

It can be anything that sparks your interest as a human being. It can also be anything that inspires you or that works up your creative thinking in the process. Constantly look out for ideas that you can work with and play around with one way or the other. Ideas about everywhere and every day and the point there is for you to aim your focus on a particular one. Check out the blogs of your favorite wedding photographers and try to look into what personal projects they have worked on in the past. This is something that will help get your creative juices flowing and something that will constantly motivate you to do better as a wedding photographer.

Why A Wedding Photographer Should Shoot in RAW

Best format

raw formatYour main choice as a professional wedding photographer should be to go ahead and shoot your images in RAW format all of the time. RAW is basically the best format being offered out by technology these days and it is something that you should go for or opt for as much as possible. Every single wedding photography shoot is basically a professional service. What this means is that you need to make sure that you are always able to bring nothing but the best into the mix. What that means is that you need to opt for the best format possible and that is none other than RAW. Sure, there are a lot of other formats out there such as JPEG and TIFF but there is something about RAW that more or less really sets it apart form the rest of the competition, so to speak.

RAW is so much more unique because it is comprehensive and extremely detailed when it comes to the info about the images being saved automatically. What this means for you as a wedding photographer is that at the end of the day, you gain access to info that is being recorded during the time that the images have been shot. The info that you are able to get your hands on is extremely comprehensive and complete. It does not omit or edit anything out to save space and that is why RAW tends to use up a lot of memory space in the process. As a wedding photographer, what this means for you is that you will be able to go ahead and easily fix any image flaws that you may encounter from over exposure to under exposure to blurred images, and so on and so forth.

Quality shots

This is crucial to you as a wedding photographer because at times, quality is the one thing that will set the work of amateurs apart from the work of professional wedding photographers. Although it may be true that it is technically pointless or futile to try to aim for perfection at the end of the day, you should at elast aim for the next best thing as a norfolk wedding photographer. You are required to do so. RAW is something that will be able to offer that out to you when it all comes down to it.

Memory space

A quick word of advice though, you need to make sure that you are able to take note of the fact that RAW tends to eat up a lot of memory space because of all of the info that it includes in the files. You need to make sure that you are able to bring in about twice the amount of memory space than you think you could ever need as a wedding photographer. Running out of memory space can have disastrous results and that is why it is crucial for you to make sure that it doesn’t ever happen to you as a wedding photographer. It is laways better to have more than you need than end up lacking during the wedding photography shoot.

Great Advice About Being A Great Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsA really inexcusable mistake that you will get to make as a wedding photographer is missing to document or to take photos of the most important moments during the wedding photo shoot. It is not something that the clients will be able to easily forgive and that is why you need to make sure that you are able to do everything in your power to make sure that you get to avoid making this mistake as much as possible.

Get in touch with the bride.

Try to see if you can get a long and formal sit down session to discuss the list of important moments during the wedding photo shoot that she thinks are absolutely necessary. When you are able to list things down, you will be able to more or less follow through on the items that you have listed. This will guarantee that you don’t end up forgetting about anything. Keep the list close to you and constantly check up on it so that you will be able to see where you stand during the photo shoot. As a professional lake district wedding photographer, you basically have enough artistic freedom to go ahead and add in a few items of your own in the list if you think that this is something that will really get to help you come up with the perfect wedding photo album at the end of the day.

It would be a pretty good idea if you can go ahead and have your second wedding photographer go through the rest of the moments and film them during the wedding while you are able to keep yourself focused on the must-have shot list that you have composed with the bride at the start of the wedding photography agreement. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in an embarrassing situation such as this especially when you are still starting out and when you are still in the throes of establishing yourself and your career as a wedding photographer.

Discuss all of the different traditions and practices that the couple are observing during the wedding photo shoot.

As a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are really able to discuss everything with the bride and groom in complete detail. You can’t afford to throw in any unexpected things to them. Some clients are particularly picky about things like this. If you don’t want to be labelled as the kind of wedding photographer who constantly upsets clients by not constantly short changing them, you need to make sure that you are always able deliver everything from your end of the deal when it all comes down to it. Be as detailed as you possibly can during the discussion.

Be accommodating when it comes to trying to answer any questions that they might have.

Make sure that they are able to really go ahead and understand everything they needs to be understood during the wedding photo shoot. Present the discussion to them in black and white and on your end, list down everything that you talked about so that you don’t miss anything as a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer Business Tips

You need to go through with your wedding photo shoot dressed well.

wedding photography tipsPresentation is everything. At some point or so, you need to understand and to always keep in mind of the fact that you need to make sure that you are able to go through the event without more or less sticking out like a bit of a sore thumb. You need to make sure that you re able to blend well with the rest of the people who will be attending the wedding. As much as possible, try to figure out what the dress code will be ahead of time so that you can prepare what you are going to wear to the event. If you don’t know what to do or what to wear, you should stick to wearing business casual by default.

A business casual outfit is something that you will be able to easily pull off. There is even a pretty good chance that you already have all of the articles of clothing that you could ever need in your closet already. The pieces you need are pretty basic and ordinary but you will be able to make them work for you once you are able to bring them all together the right way. Try to play around with layers as much as possible so that you will not have a hard time trying to tone things down if you come in a bit overdressed. Stick to colors that are neutral or that are solid and serious. This way, you don’t get to stick out too much. Blacks, whites, greys, dark blues, and nudes will work out well for you and for the kind of look that you are trying to pull off at the end of the day.

Constantly reach out to the rest of the other wedding photographers you know to see if you can get some kind of feedback for the kind of work that you are able to produce. This is something that will keep you in the loop of things. This kind of assessment will give you all of the right kind of perspectives you need so that you will be able to tell which skills you will need to keep working on or which parts of your wedding photography service requires more room for improvements one way or the other.

Make friends with the other wedding photographers in your area.

See if you can contact them and join their meetings or get-togethers and so that you can participate in whatever activities they have planned out for their group. This is the perfect setting for you to learn more and for you to improve as a professional wedding photographer. Try to make sure that you are more or less able to keep an open mind when you are asking these professional photographers for feedback because you may not always end up liking what you hear. It is important for you to make sure that you are able to take all of these with a grain of salt and use this as a means to improve or get better instead.

The 101 On Wedding Photography

Avoid missing important moments

wedding photographyOne of the most common mistakes that even the most seasoned of wedding photographers tend to commit during the wedding photography shoot is the issue of missing some of the most important moments during the event. This is something that the clients can really get all worked up and upset about especially if they are particularly looking forward to those moments. You need to make sure that you understand completely which moments the couple wants you to take particular importance for.

This can be so much easier for you if you come up with some sort of “list” that you can review and check out all throughout the event. get with the bride and the groom before you plan everything out and ask them to list down what they think would be the most important segments of their wedding. You can build up the list by adding in some other items that you think will really be helpful in capturing the wedding in all its purest essence. Make sure that you stick to the list and although there will be unexpected events or moments that you will need to document in between, you need to make sure that you always go back to the list no matter what happens because it is crucial to making sure that you don’t lose out and miss some of them. cross things out as you go along, similar to what you usually do to a to-do list just so that you don’t get confused in the process.

Be sensitive

There will be certain times during the wedding wherein you will feel that the bride and groom are getting a little bit uncomfortable or awkward. It can do that to most people. Not a lot of people are used to being under the unforgiving scrutiny of the camera all the time, after all. You need to really be sensitive about this. Don’t continue to shoot them up close if you the discomfort is a little too obvious. This is something that will not translate well in the photos that you take and they can be very unflattering. Take the time to move back a bit and switch to a longer lens so that you can photograph them from a distance. It is somewhat a play on the psyche for the couple and for the rest of the people attending the event. The moment they feel “safe” from the prying eyes of the camera, they start to relax and they start to wear really genuine facial expressions. That is what you should go after. The long lens will help you capture them in the photos as if you are right next to them even if you have already scooted to the back of the room of the venue.

Get to know the best man and maid of honor

Make it a point to really get to know the best man and the maid of honor before the wedding. These people are usually key players in the planning process and they will be able to make decisions for the bride and groom in the event that they are not available for you to consult with or to do sign offs with. Try to be on first name basis with them, if possible. This will make things go through so much easier.

Valuable Lessons In Wedding Photography

Try black and white

wedding photographyIf you would like to have a fresh and an experimental take on wedding photography, then you should try out the black and white color scheme. If you shoot your photos in black and white, you will evoke a certain feel that is kind of classy and vintage and it is definitely that is something worth trying out in your wedding photography shoot. What you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that black and white can really bring out the softness in the photos and that is a kind of theme that you should get to try out even for just certain parts of the wedding such as during the reception. You should make a mental note to not shoot all of the photos in black and white though, just some of them. The bride won’t be too pleased if she ends up with nothing but black and white photos. You should instead just use it to spice things up a little.

Use tripod

This should really be pretty much a giveaway. It doesn’t matter what kind of lighting or what kind of setup you may have during the wedding photography shoot. You will be able to take advantage of the added stability that a tripod will get to bring into the equation. A tripod can really get you out of a difficult lighting situation especially when you have to shoot in a dimly lit church or by the beach at sunset or on the rooftop at night, and so on and so forth. If you have a tripod in tow, you can always bank on the fact that you will be able to come up with sharp looking photos even if you need to deal with a slower shutter speed in the process. There will be a lot of instances wherein you will think that you will be able to get away with not having to set up a tripod and opt to hold the camera by hand all throughout instead but you couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to this. A tripod during a wedding photography shoot will always make everything look better at the end of the day.

You should try to get to know your camera as much as possible.

Try to figure out ht settings before you head out and cover the weddings that you book because when it all comes down to it, you don’t really have that much time in between your takes to check out what the different modes and settings are. Get to know your camera better and try to practice all every day that you can bring your camera along with you. There is actually such a setting in your camera wherein you can quiet down the shutter so that you don’t end up disturbing or startling people. You should also try to avoid turning on your flash when you are taking the photos as well. Flash photography can really give people that deer in against the headlight look and that is a look that isn’t flattering for anyone.

The Truth About Being A Wedding Photographer

Camera with dual card slots

wedding photographer When you shoot a wedding as the official wedding photographer, you should make it a point to really go ahead and use a camera that more or less comes with dual card slots. That way, you will be able to go ahead and double up on the photos that you are able to take without really going through so much trouble with it because the camera will pretty much get it done for you right then and there. When you think about it, all of the photos that you click through will be recorded in both cards so it is something that can definitely work out well for you at the end of the day. This is something that can turn out to be really great insurance however; the downside to all of this is the fact that when it all comes down to it, you will be using a whole lot of memory cards in the process. This means that you need to make sure that you are able to bring along more memory cards than you will end up using in the process. Make sure that you pack in enough and you should have no reason to worry at all about anything. Make it a point to really wipe the memory cards clean all of the time so that you could avoid any formatting issues that memory cards usually have when they are not kept up to the best possible state all of the time.

Include immediate family

You should also make it a point to really include the immediate family of the bride and the groom in the photos that you are taking. You have to understand that as a wedding photographer, you will need to be able to more or less wrap your head around the fact that this is something that can turn out to be really quite important and treasured by the couple who are being wed. Take note of this fact and you should come up with pretty great looking pictures if you include the family members in the process. Get to know which people are included or are a part of the immediate family circle of the bride and groom and make sure that you know them enough to decide which people go with which group photos because that is something that will make things so much easier for you and for the wedding photo shoot that you are trying to bring together one way or the other.

When you get to the wedding that you are about to cover, just be confident and be quite rest assured in the fact that you are a perfectly capable wedding photographer. You don’t really have to try all too hard for people to like you because there is a pretty good chance that people like you just fine the way you are. You have to take note of the fact that people hire you for your skills as a wedding photographer and not because of your skills of being able to entertain people.