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Ways In Which The Cheshire Wedding Photographer Can Improve on Customer Service

Have you ever heard the phrase “customer is king”?

Cheshire wedding photographerIf you haven’t, well now you can say you know. In the business world, there is no entrepreneur, sole proprietor, partnership or company that is not aware of the fact that without customers, they wouldn’t even exist. Customers are the individuals that make or break a business.

If you mistreat your customers or ignore their needs, chances are you are play my with the survival of your company. Especially since we are in the digital age where a simple post from a customer online can easily go viral under an hour. An example is when a customer makes a complaint about the services you as a Cheshire Wedding photographer provided for her.

This customer makes a post on social media and possibly tags you. The customer can easily post a statement such as “the service I received from Cheshire Photography sucks”, tags your handle in the complaint and possibly other influential social media users. These handles without interacting with you or having patronizing need your business in the past can easily be swayed to believe the complaints of this customer. Before you know it, you are being made to do damage control.

Now, for a photographer, one thing you should never do is give a customer reason to complain about you. You are a service provider that survives on referrals from clients. A simple complaint by a client to a few friends in private or in public can damage your chances of gaining referrals. So, anytime you are interacting with one customer or a potential customer, always assume you are dealing with 100 people because behind every customer is a whole other network of people you can convert to your clients.

Therefore, as a photographer, one thing you should strive to do is to ensure the way you interact with your customers is beyond reproach. You can develop a customer interaction process that makes this process easy. A customer interaction process is basically a guideline that dictates the way you relate with your customers. It is not something overly complex. Some tips include:

Do Greetings

When a customer approaches you, what are you doing? Do you stand up to greet them so as to make them feel welcome?

Engage Them

The customer is here, do you leave it to them to start the conversation or you think about something that would make them feel at ease to start talking.

Listen and Acknowledge

The customer is meeting you for the first time. You do not want to overload them with information nor do you want the conversation to be boring. So, pay close attention to what they have to say then move on from there.

Initiate Resolution

The resolution in this case is you presenting the possible ways you can be of use to the wedding couple. Show them samples of work you’ve done before and ensure you sell your services.

Give Explanation

Also provide explanation on the type of wedding photography service you offer and the different packages that could satisfy the customer. Remember as a Cheshire Wedding Photographer like that of http://www.mauricerobertsphotography.com/ it is your job to make sure the client believes your services are all they need.

The 4 Most Difficult Things About Being a Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Cheshire wedding photographerThere are a lot of benefits to gain from being a Cheshire wedding photographer. From only getting to work mostly during weekends, watching couples live their happily ever after to getting paid to do something you love. But, just like with most professions, with the benefits come the cons.

Wedding photography is not all roses and peaches. It can be a difficult job and definitely not everyone is suited to it. Therefore, for this post, we are going to list out 4 of the most difficult things associated with being a wedding photographer. If you find something that you have a peeve for, then maybe it is time to reconsider this career path.

The Beginning

The road to being a Cheshire wedding photographer like http://www.mauricerobertsphotography.com/ is not easy. You are definitely going to find yourself faced with a couple of challenges. First challenge is the need of experience. To shoot weddings, you need to have experience, but, ironically, you cannot get that experience unless you are hired.

One thing you can do about it is to act as a second shooter for an already established photographer. If you also have luck, maybe you can get your friend to trust you with covering his or her wedding. Either method gives you the opportunity to gradually build a portfolio you can be proud of. But, it still requires perseverance and hard work on your part.


The second thing you have to conquer when starting out in wedding photography is the issue of capital. Wedding photography requires a lot of equipment, from a good primary camera, a backup camera, flash, lenses, battery hard drives etc. It calls for a lot of money to get all the gear you need to do justice to the couple’s wedding photographs.

Now, if you think about it, setting up the business already requires a lot of cash. Would running it also be the same? One thing you can do before fully starting is to rent some of the gear you will need. This is a good way to save cost but if you are really serious about making it in the business, you have to consider investing in your own tools.


The business of wedding photography requires a lot of energy and brain power. There are a lot of aspects to it and it can get really difficult as pressure constantly mounts. Not only are you an owner of your business, you are also the employee, secretary, marketer, accountant, customer care and pretty much every other thing you can think about.

You have to take up the responsibility of being the jack of all trade.. In the hopes of expansion, you may get other people to cover these aspects for you but at the end of the day, you are still the primary decision maker.


With the various facets of wedding photography, be ready to take up loads of work apart from being the Cheshire wedding photographer. However, you have to be careful to not let weddings take over your life. You need to find a balance between you work life and your personal life. It is not rare to find photographers who take their work home with them thereby giving themselves little to no room to rest.