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Indian Wedding Photography Tips

Understand Indian wedding.

wedding photographyOne thing that you need to prepare for if you are planning to get into Indian wedding photography any time soon is the fact that it will usually be far longer than the average wedding. Indian weddings in general have a lot of rituals panning out from the prep work process, during the wedding, and even post wedding. It is a very rich culture and tradition that most of the traditional Indian couples still go out of their way to observe even up until this day. You have to understand that when it all comes down to it, this is the type of thing that you need to prepare for. This way, you don’t get shocked or get a little knocked out of your senses by the fact that this is somewhat lengthier than what you are usually used to covering for in the other weddings that you have shot. This means that you will need to map out a specific timeline of events. Get in touch with your clients about it. Get in touch with their wedding planner, if they have one. The more prepared you are, the easier things will pan out for you in the long run so always keep this in mind.

Meet the couple.

Get in on really meeting the couple to draw out the lines on certain practices that they observe that you need to know about for the Indian wedding photography shoot. Meet the couple in advance so that you get to more or less have a glimpse on the kind of couple that you are going to end up working with for the wedding photo shoot. Some couples are fairly modern and Westernized, some still cling on to a few old and traditional practices, while some still get to stay true to their culture and their practices. It is important for you to know how you will be conducting yourself during the wedding. You need to know what kind of scenario you will end up stepping into so that you will more or less be able to get things checked out the right way when it comes to things like these.

Get a family photo coordinator.

Indian families in general can be pretty big. Not only are they populous, they also tend to keep close knit ties even with far flung relatives. This is good in terms of family relationships but this can be disastrous for you if you are trying to go ahead and get a wedding photo shoot under way. What you need to understand when it all comes down to it is the fact that at the end of the day, you can’t possibly cover something like this all alone, especially when you don’t really know the people who are attending. It can be very tiring and stressful to have to keep sorting crowds our every single time to take a shoot. Have the bride or groom appoint a family photo shoot coordinator who will arrange things for you while you silently work from behind your camera.

Keep a lid on things.

You need to know how to keep a lid on things all throughout the time that you are there. Be patient and think twice or thrice before you act on anything. It can be frustrating but it can also be very rewarding.