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Common But Useful Wedding Photography Tips

More than being behind the camera

wedding photographyContrary to what most people think about what a wedding photographer Cambridge does during a wedding photography shoot, it is not always all about being behind the camera all of the time. This is something that can stress you out and really take a toll on you if you don’t turn out to go ahead and get this done the right way. You need to really pace yourself and make sure that you are able to prepare for it. There will be certain moments that will absolutely require your full time and attention.

These moments usually include but are not limited to the getting ready part, the bridal walk, the exchange of vows and I do’s, the kiss that comes after that, the first walk as man and wife, the first dance, the cake cutting, the toasts and speeches, and so on and so forth. However, there are a lot of other moments during the wedding photography shoot that will not really require you to be behind the camera lens all of the time.

Learn how to pick these moments and take this time to relax a bit.

You can’t spread yourself too thin because you might not have enough stamina and energy to make it right until the very last parts of the wedding photography shoot. One example is when the guests are eating. No one really likes getting their pictures taken when they are eating so you should take this time to maybe grab a few bites yourself and to rest for a bit just in time for the rest of the programs scheduled during the reception party. Wedding photography should be all about balance and you should start that off with yourself.

Some experts in wedding photography will probably say that this isn’t really too much of a requirement but you should seriously consider investing in a flash bracket at some point or so during your wedding photography career. Lighting and shadows are two things that can really affect your wedding photography shoot a lot.

Getting a flash bracket will help you more or less get the shadows within your control one way or the other.

Try to see if you can pool enough funds for it, if you can help it. More than that, you should also try to figure out if you will be able to learn about the settings and know how to manipulate it and make it work for the photos that you are taking. Practice as much as you can because it will all pay off in the end. It will really show in the wedding photography images that you take if you have the lighting and shadows down pat.

Make sure that you don’t forget about the train on the dress of the bride.

There are a lot of brides who can do without a train. However, if the bride chose a dress that includes a train, you can be quite rest assured that that train is pretty special and that you should treat it as such during your wedding photography shoot.