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The 101 On Wedding Photography

Avoid missing important moments

wedding photographyOne of the most common mistakes that even the most seasoned of wedding photographers tend to commit during the wedding photography shoot is the issue of missing some of the most important moments during the event. This is something that the clients can really get all worked up and upset about especially if they are particularly looking forward to those moments. You need to make sure that you understand completely which moments the couple wants you to take particular importance for.

This can be so much easier for you if you come up with some sort of “list” that you can review and check out all throughout the event. get with the bride and the groom before you plan everything out and ask them to list down what they think would be the most important segments of their wedding. You can build up the list by adding in some other items that you think will really be helpful in capturing the wedding in all its purest essence. Make sure that you stick to the list and although there will be unexpected events or moments that you will need to document in between, you need to make sure that you always go back to the list no matter what happens because it is crucial to making sure that you don’t lose out and miss some of them. cross things out as you go along, similar to what you usually do to a to-do list just so that you don’t get confused in the process.

Be sensitive

There will be certain times during the wedding wherein you will feel that the bride and groom are getting a little bit uncomfortable or awkward. It can do that to most people. Not a lot of people are used to being under the unforgiving scrutiny of the camera all the time, after all. You need to really be sensitive about this. Don’t continue to shoot them up close if you the discomfort is a little too obvious. This is something that will not translate well in the photos that you take and they can be very unflattering. Take the time to move back a bit and switch to a longer lens so that you can photograph them from a distance. It is somewhat a play on the psyche for the couple and for the rest of the people attending the event. The moment they feel “safe” from the prying eyes of the camera, they start to relax and they start to wear really genuine facial expressions. That is what you should go after. The long lens will help you capture them in the photos as if you are right next to them even if you have already scooted to the back of the room of the venue.

Get to know the best man and maid of honor

Make it a point to really get to know the best man and the maid of honor before the wedding. These people are usually key players in the planning process and they will be able to make decisions for the bride and groom in the event that they are not available for you to consult with or to do sign offs with. Try to be on first name basis with them, if possible. This will make things go through so much easier.