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Where to Find WordPress Support for Photographers

Wordpress support for photographersIf you’re a photographer who is having difficulties trying to manage their website, then look no further. It can be easy to find WordPress support for photographers, as long as you can figure out where to look. So, to make the search a bit easier and much faster, here are some helpful insights on WordPress support.

Websites can be hard to maintain, but these support systems each have a means of helping you out and ending your struggle. Each one has its own unique offer and individual ways of helping you. While one of these may be ideal for one photographer, the same WordPress support may not be ideal for another photographer of the same skill level. It is a matter of personal preference, not of which is better.

  • WordPress

WordPress will help you out for a (standard) monthly payment of $67, or a (premium) monthly payment of $97. Naturally the premium plan is the most popular, but not everyone can afford that near $100 a month. Some people have rent to pay or groceries to by, so we need a more accessible plan.

  • Photography Whizz

Photography Whizz starts their off at about $38 a month. A lot easier than the $67-$97, if price is a concern for you. Photography Whizz will guarantee to you:

Availability of the site creator to answer questions

Answering any technical questions about the site’s features

Assistance with any reported bugs and/or issues

Help with any included 3rd party’s assets

However, it will not guarantee customization services or installation services.

  • com (Official Site)

If you looked at the last WordPress option on WordPress support for photographers and cringed, you can relax now. This one offers a small $5 a month for a personal use webpage. They also have options that they say are best for entrepreneurs and freelancers (for $8 a month) and small business (at $25 a month).

This is one of the options that are easiest on the wallet and bank account. No matter which option you choose, you get free themes, no ads, more space, and other features.

  • MyPhotoCTO

MyPhotoCTO offers a 30 day guarantee, making it a little bit easier for the wary photographer to give it a try. They also have easy hassle free hosting plans for you to browse through, and choose one if you decide to work through them.

MyPhotoCTO is owned as well as operated by a former IT Director and a photographer who now runs one of the leading photography studios in Scotland, at his own successful studio, Alan Hutchison Photography.

It’s safe to say that the people here know what they’re doing, based on the owner. Considering his success, many other photographers who faithfully use his site agree that he has become as successful as he is through his hard work and persistence.

There are several features to his site, including fully detailed future planning guidelines. This site also has around the clock support services, through which you can speak to actual people at any time you need to.

For extra details on WordPress support for photographers, take a closer look at MyPhotoCTO.

WordPress 101: Photography-friendly Theme

websites for photographersIt is not debatable that today’s businesses require everybody from every field to go online. Whether you like it or not, people will search for you online, because that is just easier than looking for the person. All websites for photographers are not excluded, especially with the better technology the giant techs have come up with in screens for mobile phones.

Some of you might have a wordpress site for you to post your shots and portfolios, either for hobby or for business. Among the excitement of making your site, selecting theme must be one of them. And you wonder if your visitors will like them?

Here are some things and reasons to consider when you choose your theme.


Making websites for photographers to be user-friendly is beyond just flipping through pictures comfortably. Friendliness should spread everywhere, wherever and however it is opened. It also means the theme should be fully responsive.

Multiple platforms

Your current theme is operating well and showing everything you need on the browser you are using, but what about when it is opened through IE? Or Mozilla? Or safari?  Search for themes that continuously update themselves on the same level as the browsers.

This also includes opening the page on different devices. It may look nice on computer, but barely can be seen on mobile because it cannot optimize itself. Google especially, hates this. It will throw down your ranking and even if anyone opens it, they will find your site a pain in the ass to go around. You can check if your page is mobile-friendly from a tool that Google provides.

Multilingual availability

Especially websites for photographers that operate in international scale or in states or countries where more than one language is commonly used, this is a friendly way to approach more people in words they understand. This is easy to do with the right plugins that are supported by the theme.

Simple, but professional

You’ve heard people saying simple is the best. Many misunderstood this concept into making their sites, look cheap and just shove all the pictures in one corner, packages on the other and splash the page with a random solid color. Simple is not the same with doing it half-heartedly.

Simple means making it easy to be understood. Can your client differentiate your site? Can he or she recognize it as a photography site? Simple is about giving your clients ease of access to your pages, offers, contact information, etc. Websites for photographers are especially filled with pictures, so simplicity is even more necessary.

Different, aside from pictures

When you are looking for themes that are meant for business that operates in art, you need creativity. If not for coding, you would not be buying themes that are potentially used by thousands other photographers. A good theme will not make the buyers stuck in the same theme, font and style. Providing options for different fonts, color and banner should also be part of it. The more customization you can use to make the site ‘your own’, the better.

Getting help

Android OS updates, browsers too, and so should themes. Free or not, your theme should always have support team ready at your service. If the developers still care about their product, they will want to answer your questions and solve your problems to further update their products. If they don’t, you will have a hard time yourself getting around your own site, even more so your clients.